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Board of Directors

Dr. Hendrix found her niche in veterinary palliative medicine 8 years ago, and started her business, Beloved Pet Mobile Vet.  She is certified in Hospice and Palliative Care and wants to bring the field to the forefront of veterinary medicine.  Partnering with Dr Caroline Ficker to develop the world's first organization focused on evidence-led palliative medicine for chronic and terminally ill animals and increase emotional support for their caregivers. She also is an advocate for self care, and balancing work and life.  She is finishing a book, Hospice and Palliative Medicine for the Housecall Veterinarian.  Dr Lynn Hendrix is the Co-Founder and the 2019 President of the WVPMO.

Dr Caroline Ficker is passionate about the development of Veterinary Palliative Medicine as a Veterinary discipline. Caroline’s calling into this field came from the convergence of her special interests and studies in senior-geriatric medicine, medical ethics and philosophy and compassionate care for companion animal caregivers. Caroline supports evidence-based medicine and shares a united vision with Dr Hendrix to bring education in best practice in palliative and end-of-life care to fellow colleagues around the world. Caroline has advanced qualifications in small animal medicine, medical ethics and palliative care and is a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian. She owns Pallivet, London's first palliative medicine veterinarian.  She is Co-Founder, Treasurer and the 2020 President-Elect for the WVPMO.

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang is a veterinarian and author from San Diego, CA. Along with her work in home hospice and palliative care, Dr. Vogelsang is passionate about client education. She launched and maintains pawcurious.com, one of the earliest veterinarian website online, and is the author of the bestselling memoir All Dogs Go to Kevin.  Dr Vogelsang has been our marketing advocate as well as the 2018-2019 Secretary.

Dr. Gabrielle Ravina, DVM, CHPV, is a native New Yorker and graduated from Cornell University in 1997.  Dr. Ravina has a deep love for the human-animal bond and finds helping with end of life care to be very rewarding.  Dr. Ravina established Peaceful Paws Veterinary Hospice in 2015 and is an advocate of a good work/life balance and loves to spend time with her family.

Dr. Ravina is our first founding board member.

Always interested in animal welfare and the human-animal bond, Dr. Carolyn Naun takes great pleasure in helping clients solve problems, thinking out of the box, and employing creativity to work with the resources at hand. She is passionate about recommending treatments supported by solid scientific evidence and helping pet owners understand the known risks and benefits of a specific therapy. She owns Arms of Aloha, a housecall practice that does compassionate end of life care. She is certified in Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, is active in her state veterinary medical organization, and serves as Hawaii's alternate delegate to the AVMA House of Delegates.

Dr. Liz Miller BSc, BVM&S,CertAVP, SAS, qualified in the UK 12 years ago and has as spent the last 11 years working solely in small animal practice. She attained the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Advanced Veterinary Practitioner qualification, with a further post-nominal qualification in Small Animal Surgery in 2015. She has worked in New Zealand for the past 3 years and has keen interests in oncological and reconstructive surgery, analgesia and anesthesia, and care of the elderly patient. She attended the Australian Palliative Care Conference last year and utilizes multi-modal approaches to offering her patients the best end of life care as possible.